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It just so happens I was also renting a new lens put out by Canon, the Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens for the purpose of testing it to see if it could become an addition to my kit for traveling, hiking and long hours of handheld photography. It’s a consumer lens and priced accordingly, but didn’t want to buy the lens outright before testing it out first.

So it was convenient that these two reviews/tests came about that the same time and I set out on a short hike and walk near and around New Haven, CT.. This review is not about the lens so from here on in I will only describe my thoughts on the Lightroom Workflow provided by Sleeklens.

Sleekness provided me with both Presets and Brush Effects to work in conjunction with each other. I’m not much of a preset person and was a little hesitant with accepting this review at first. I like having the control to make my own adjustments, but these presets allow you to alter and tweak them to your liking for each image so I decided what the heck, let’s give it go! Sleeklens provided very easy to follow instructions on how to import the presets into Lightroom and in minutes you are able to start utilizing all the hard work they did so the user can get to work quickly with ease on their images.

If you shoot in raw you know that the images that come straight out of your camera are not always exactly what you saw when shooting. The color, contrast and sharpness need at the very least a little bit of tweaking before sharing and using your images. Sleeklens provides 50 presets (In the Through the Woods workflow) to choose from. I very quickly was able to make some minimal tweaks to my newly imported raw images. There are also more dramatic presets that can quickly give your images some flare and/or intensity. Once you choose a preset (or not, you’re not forced to use the presets with the brushes) you can then make very specific and localized adjustments to your images with the brushes or the gradient tools (30 are provided in this workflow). After playing with multiple images I do feel the brushes are an asset to my workflow. They offer some tweaks that would take me much longer to create on my own. I do like many of the presets as well, but for my personal way of working I see myself using the brushes/gradient effects much more often. 

Sleeklens offers more presets then what I tested out, so if your not a landscape photographer there are presets and brushes specifically designed for photographers who specialize in portraits, weddings, food, architectural, night photography and more. They also offer actions and presets for Photoshop as well. I was on the fence if I wanted to try out the Lightroom or Photoshop sets but decided to go with Lightroom and after playing with these I’d like to to try the Free Photoshop Actions Bundle that is available for everyone.

Below you can see my before and afters of the short hike and walk in New Haven on Long Island Sound. I was able to achieve the final images with ease starting from the basic raw image to the final. I’m sure after a little more playing around, my workflow will get much faster and easier using these presets. They will definitely stay a part of my Lightroom workflow and I’m very tempted to add additional Sleeklens workflows not only to Lightroom but Photoshop as well.

Here are some Sleeklens inks you can check out to see what's being offered as well as some how-to videos.





_MG_6104_MG_6104 Review-6104Review-6104
_MG_6107_MG_6107 Review-6107Review-6107


_MG_6145_MG_6145 Review-6145Review-6145
_MG_6206_MG_6206 Review-6206Review-6206
_MG_6220_MG_6220 Review-6220Review-6220
_MG_6190_MG_6190 Review-6190Review-6190
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Southbury Land Trust http://www.lamontagnephotography.com/blog/2016/6/southbury-land-trust 2 More Days!

School gets out in 2 more days! Today I was supposed to be volunteering at the school for what we used to call Field Day, but is called Celebration of Excellence Day at my sons school. The event was postponed until tomorrow, this being the second postponement... or is it the third. I've lost count now. All I know is I didn't have anything scheduled for today because I volunteered to help out in the last ever Field Day event my son will partake in. What to do, what to do? I have plenty to do, don't we all. But I've been watching presentations on and off for the last 4 days from B&H's Optic Imaging Conference. For those that do not know what B&H is, it's a Super Store in New York City filled to the brim with photo and video equipment - TOYS, that I can't afford to buy! This is the 2nd conference that has been put on in conjunction with Linblad Expeditions and National Geographic. So that being said I got the bug to get out and shoot for me. No, assignments or clients just me in the place I feel the best - the woods... or nature in general. I go longer and longer periods these days without being in the woods for various reasons, mostly being not enough time. Every time I get back there (alone) I always ask myself why it took so long to come back. Even though I am CLEARLY way out of shape, through my huffing and puffing I find I am still invigorated. It's because it's where my spirit feels the best, so yeah, my legs were feeling the burn, but my heart, mind and spirit were rejoicing. I love to hike with people, but it's when I'm alone that I really reconnect with nature, my spirit, something unexplainable. With only two days left before the kids are home 24/7 with me I felt I needed to get out. The weather was supposed to be bad, so I figured cool, I'll work with that. I waited for the rain and waited and I checked the radar every so often only to find this hole over my town with green and yellow all around it, constantly moving and reshaping itself so that it never rained where I was. Seriously when does that ever happen? I wanted rain. I brought my rain jacket, I was all set. Waiting for the first drops to fall and hoping the hail predictions would come for some cool shots. We got nada, nothing, zip. It's ok though. I had a great few hours to myself to revitalize my inner self in preparation for the next couple of months of bickering siblings and nagging commands from myself to do your chores, get off that device and go outside!

SouthburyLandTrust-7535SouthburyLandTrust-7535 SouthburyLandTrust-7442SouthburyLandTrust-7442 SouthburyLandTrust-7517SouthburyLandTrust-7517 SouthburyLandTrust-7471SouthburyLandTrust-7471 SouthburyLandTrust-7477SouthburyLandTrust-7477 SouthburyLandTrust-7480SouthburyLandTrust-7480 SouthburyLandTrust-7516SouthburyLandTrust-7516 SouthburyLandTrust-7497SouthburyLandTrust-7497 SouthburyLandTrust-7499SouthburyLandTrust-7499 SouthburyLandTrust-7507SouthburyLandTrust-7507 SouthburyLandTrust-7564SouthburyLandTrust-7564

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Newport http://www.lamontagnephotography.com/blog/2015/6/newport As a photographer and business owner I struggle with balancing my time. I haven't been able to keep up consistently with blog posts, or facebook posts... and forget about pinterest and instagram. I'm a one woman show, throw in the occasional assistant on shoots and that's it. So when I'm busy I don't have time to post and when I'm slow... well then it's time to catch up on things like stock photo shoots, archiving and marketing (which, I know is part of why I need to post more). So my reason for not posting lately is because I've fortunately been very busy. I've been shooting things that are not so glamorous, stuff that pays the bills but nothing most photographers would want to hurry up and show on-line.  

I thought I'd share some personal work instead of paid work. We took a 3 day family trip to Newport this past spring break. As usual any trip I take turns into a little bit of work, as I always try to find some stock photos to take. It's my way of balancing out the money we spend, by trying to sell some of the images I shoot from the trip. : )

Most of the time I shoot as we go along doing our family thing. Sometimes though you need the right light to get the shot. The last image in this series was one of those. I left the hotel alone, leaving instructions for my family to dry off from the pool, go grab us some take-out dinner from somewhere and find me at the pier. They did, and even then they still had to wait for me because the light wasn't "just right" yet. Luckily the kids are at an age where they find a way to occupy themselves until I'm finished now. I was able to capture a good handful of shots from this location for stock. Now with any luck some of our vacation will pay for itself! Check out iStock if your interested to see some of my stock work.

Jamestown BridgeJamestown Bridge

Downtown NewportDowntown Newport

Cliff WalkCliff Walk Cliff WalkCliff Walk Cliff WalkTunnelCliff WalkTunnel Cliff WalkCliff Walk Flying a KiteFlying a Kite Newport MansionNewport Mansion Newport MansionNewport Mansion Newport BridgeNewport Bridge

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Il Palio Restaurant http://www.lamontagnephotography.com/blog/2015/3/il-palio-restaurant For anyone in the Shelton, Connecticut area, if you're looking for an amazing dinner or lunch out check out Il Palio. This is not a chain restaurant or a quick meal on the run kind of place. This is a sit down and savor every bite along with a glass of wine kind of place. 

I had the pleasure of shooting with Tom Robinson a photographer from Shelton at the restaurant last month.  Tom shot some great exterior and interior shots for the restaurant and now they asked for some food shots. We worked with Chef Margherita Aloi who not only created these beautiful and delicious dishes but clearly worked with photographers in the past. She showed up supplied with props and backgrounds that really helped set the mood for the different dishes Tom and I photographed. Click here to read Margherita's bio, it's very interesting. 

I think I can speak for everyone there that day, that the shoot went great. There's nothing like having a ton of fun and getting the job done at the same time.



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Pet Stock Photography http://www.lamontagnephotography.com/blog/2015/1/PetStockPhotography I had the opportunity to shoot some stock photography of a friends puppy recently. I was hoping to get a chance to photograph little Linus after seeing a smartphone pic of him. Then I met him, and touched him and couldn't believe how soft and fluffy he was. I knew I had to capture this little guy before he got much bigger and before his fur had a chance to change (hopefully it wont). His Chow-Newfoundland (among a few other things) mix gives him the most amazing fluffy, soft fur I've ever felt on a dog.

So after finally getting our schedules to jive, my friend Sue and I spent an hour or two one morning chatting, playing with Linus and taking some great pics of this little fellow, all the while trying to stay quiet while Sue's husband was on conference calls in the next room! Aside from teething and wanting to chew anything in sight Linus is such good mannered little puppy and listens really well. I can't wait to see how big he gets though. If paw size says anything about how big a dog will be, little Linus wont be so little for very long! Maybe I'll be adding some "grown-up" shots of him here in the future!

Thank you for the fun morning Sue and Linus!


Linus the Puppy Linus the Puppy Linus the Puppy Linus the Puppy Linus the Puppy





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OldSturbridgeVillage http://www.lamontagnephotography.com/blog/2014/10/oldsturbridgevillage I had the pleasure of having a girls day out with my Mom and 11 year old daughter a few weeks ago. We took a trip to Massachusetts and spent the day at an old favorite of mine, Old Sturbridge VIllage.

I have fond memories of taking an elementary school field trip there when I was around 10 or 11. Then I took another field trip while in photography school, in fact I think we went there twice. They were completely different trips, one being corralled by teachers and chaperones and staying in-line. The other we drove ourselves there, walked around aimlessly, trying to get the best environmental portraits that we could, or not, but it was fun either way. This trip was completely different from the others as well. This time I was able to watch my daughter enjoy all the great things Sturbridge has to offer. As a girl who really loves learning about history I saw her take it all in and try to grasp what life was really like in the 19th century, more so than I remember doing.

My Mom and I ( and sometimes my Grandmother) took many day trips together when I was growing up. I'm not sure when it all happened but were at a new stage now, where my Grandmother has passed, but my daughter can fully partake in these trips with my Mom and I. She's an individual with thoughts and interests of her own and she can hold meaningful conversations, unlike when she was a baby or toddler and I was busy changing diapers or running to the potty one more time. This trip made a beautiful impact on me. Yes, my baby girl is growing up and getting older (and so am I!), but we are now creating the same kinds of memories that I hold dear to my heart of when my Mom and I took day (or week) trips like this. I'm so excited for all the great places and memories we will experience together and I also hope that I will be able to capture them all digitally for her to keep and show her children one day and maybe start her own Grandmother-Mother-daughter (or son) bonding trips of her own. 

Old Sturbridge Village School House - 1980Old Sturbridge Village School House - 1980

Field trip to Sturbridge around 1980

The Village - 1980The Village - 1980

Doesn't look much different these days


Me chopping or grinding corn - 1980Me chopping or grinding corn - 1980

Me - grinding corn

Contact Sheet 1 - 1990Contact Sheet 1 - 1990

Contact Sheets from Sturbridge, 1990

Contact Sheet 2 - 1990Contact Sheet 2 - 1990

My 2nd year at Rhode Island School of Photography

The following are a few of my present day images. I'd like to think my photography skills have improved slightly. 

Blacksmith - Old Sturbridge VillageBlacksmith - Old Sturbridge Village Tinsmith - Old Sturbridge VillageTinsmith - Old Sturbridge Village Printer - Old Sturbridge VillagePrinter - Old Sturbridge Village Farmers working a Mill - Old Sturbridge VillageFarmers working a Mill - Old Sturbridge Village Stage Coach - Old Sturbridge VillageStage Coach - Old Sturbridge Village Farm - Old Sturbridge VillageFarm - Old Sturbridge Village

My Mom, daughter and myself - 2014My Mom, daughter and myself - 2014

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Beautiful Kitchen Shoot http://www.lamontagnephotography.com/blog/2014/10/Beautiful_Kitchen_Shoot I wanted to show a quick sample of one of my latest architectural shoots. A beautifully designed kitchen in Greenwich, CT. 

Daylight spilling in from both sides of this kitchen was both a blessing and a curse for lighting. As you can see the light from the windows was very bright when exposing for the right side of the room. However, when exposing for the left side, everything else gets too dark.

For those of you who know about HDR (most cameras have the option now, even smartphones), you know that you (or the camera) take multiple exposures of a subject, some dark and some light and the software figures out what should be what and creates a nicely balanced final image. Sometimes it works out great (for fun snapshots, or for experts who know how to tweak the heck out of the adjustments), most of the time the image looks like something from a fantasy world with white areas looking very muddy and colors so over-saturated they don't even exist in the nature world.

So with a white kitchen such as this I just wouldn't trust HDR, especially for a commercial shoot. I stuck to my lighting skills with strobes and trusted photoshop skills and set off to shoot and blend the images myself. The results are clean, crisp images that are accurate to the actual kitchen itself.



Greenwich, CT - Kitchen Design by Klaff's

WindowSink_Fridge_BlogWindowSink_Fridge_Blog WallHutch_WineFridge_BlogWallHutch_WineFridge_Blog

janine@lamontagnephotography.com (Janine Lamontagne Photography) Commercial Photographer Connecticut Interior Photography Kitchen http://www.lamontagnephotography.com/blog/2014/10/Beautiful_Kitchen_Shoot Thu, 02 Oct 2014 16:17:24 GMT
GreenSmoothies http://www.lamontagnephotography.com/blog/2014/9/greensmoothies Green Smoothies! 

We've all had smoothies before. But not necessarily green smoothies. They are Hot now! Ok, maybe they're cold, but they are a very popular health drink/food right now.

My husband and I have been juicing on and off for years and about a year ago starting making green smoothies instead. For one, they are thicker and more filling. Secondly you're using the entire food (except pits, stems, etc) so you get all the good fiber, that a lot of juicers (like mine) separate from the juice. A well organized person who loves to cook could utilize that pulp, but I'm not that person. So smoothies are the way to go for me.

Now for taste? Well, the smoothie pictured below is very sweet and fruity... maybe even too sweet for a lot of green smoothie drinkers, and I don't always have all that in mine. Instead I put in one type of berry with a banana, a green apple or pear, an avocado, some other greens, maybe a little ginger and kind of mix it up every time I go to the store for more ingredients. But it does and can taste really good (I wouldn't drink it, if it didn't). Bananas and strawberries or raspberries are for me what I end up tasting. I know there is green leafy food in there, but it's not the prominent flavor and if you like ginger that little extra kick at the end is great too.

Give it a whirl people, you can get a whole ton of vitamins and nutrients all in one pint glass. Something many of us don't get enough of in one day.

I'd love to hear some of your recipes if you drink smoothies, comment below if you would like to share them.

Green Smoothie IngredientsGreen Smoothie Ingredients Smoothie_Blender_blogGreen Smoothie in blender GreenSmoothieGlass_blogGreen SmoothieDrink Up! All images in this post can be purchased only at istockphoto.com for use on websites, blogs, editorials, print ads, etc.. Contact me for more information or go straight to my istock portfolio.

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Football http://www.lamontagnephotography.com/blog/2014/9/football Football is upon Us!

Pro Football, College Football, High School Football, Pop Warner, AYF, Flag, Pick-up Games, Backyard, Fantasy... No matter where you look, it's here. 

It's a huge part of our American culture and it'a huge part of my husband's and now son's lives. I don't love or hate football, I can take it or leave it. I have learned to except that it is part of life, just like fall and winter have beautiful fall colors and snow. I do love to watch my son play Flag Football though. I enjoyed watching my nephew play in his Pop Warner game yesterday afternoon. And I have to admit I enjoy seeing my son get all excited while watching a game with my husband. It's even funnier when they are watching a recorded game and my husband starts zipping through parts of the game and my 9 year old yells at him because he wanted to see that play! 

So in honor of this huge sports epidemic we call Football I am posting some shots I took last year of Oxford High School's newly built Football Field.

Good Luck to everyone in winning your leagues - whether they be physical or Fantasy and I hope all your favorite teams make it to the Super Bowl!!! :)

Oxford High Schools Football and Soccer Field as well as Running Track. FootballField_Panorama_LROxford High School Football & Soccer Field and Running Track FootballField_Panorama_LROxford High School Football & Soccer Field and Running Track FootballField_Panorama_LROxford High School Football & Soccer Field and Running Track FootballField_Panorama_LROxford High School Football & Soccer Field and Running Track

My Guys in action

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Maine http://www.lamontagnephotography.com/blog/2014/9/maine My family and I vacationed in Maine last month. We had a family reunion to attend way up north in Frenchville and with my husbands large immediate family we had to find a location large enough to house us all. We found some nice cabins in Stockholm with a beautiful lake right across the street. Along with the typical family shots the we all take on vacation I wanted to get some shots for "me" and if all worked out for my stock photo library as well.

The following images are my favorites so far. The problem with taking a zillion pictures on vacation is then finding the time to go through them all. I have plenty more to look through and edit, but if I don't share these now, Christmas may be here before I ever get to the rest of them!

For anyone interested... and please let me know if you are interested. Most of my scenics are available for purchase. I plan to make a page dedicated to purchasing images in the near future. Some give-aways are also a big probability! So also let me know if you have any favorites and maybe I'll make the most popular pic the give-away.

Madawdaska_Lake_SunriseSunriseMadawaska Lake, Stockholm, Maine Just before sunrise. The lake was covered with a fog every morning and being out this early was so serene. It was just me and the Loons!

Madawdaska_Lake_SunriseSunriseMadawaska Lake, Stockholm, Maine The scene was constantly changing with the fog constantly pouring in from both ends of the lake.

Madawdaska_Lake_SunriseSunriseMadawaska Lake, Stockholm, Maine

Full MoonThe night before the Super Moon - 8/9/14, Stockholm, Maine This full moon was shot when I stepped out on the deck of our cabin and realized it was so large and right there. At the time I had no idea the next night was supposed to be a Super Moon.

Super MoonSuper Moon - 8/10/14, Stockholm, Maine This shot was taken the following night, 8/10/14 and is the Super Moon. It was amazing how large it looked a few minutes prior when it was still peeking through the trees. Now just above them, it was still big and beautiful.

Slipping behind the cloudsSuper Moon - 8/10/24, Stockholm, Maine Super Moon slipping away behind the clouds.

Star GazingMadawaska, Stockholm, Maine I wanted to try and get some nice night sky shots while away. I had the thought that we would be further away from light pollution. But with a large RV campground behind us, a bright street light in the parking area of the cabins, and the full moon, I was lucky to get any stars at all.

Milky WayMilky WayMadawaska Lake, Stockholm, Maine Later in the week, the time of the moon rise was getting later and later which gave me a better chance at night sky shots and the milky way, which happened to be positioned directly across the lake from where we were staying. Unfortunately the weather deteriorated as well and although you can get a glimpse of the milky way through the clouds, it just didn't work out as I had hoped.

Milky WayMadawaska Lake, Stockholm, Maine


Looking forward to shooting more night skies in the future... and very excited that fall is on it's way so I can shoot some (hopefully) beautiful foliage this year.
























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HummingBirds http://www.lamontagnephotography.com/blog/2014/8/hummingbirds Earlier in the month I had some time to catch some humming birds at the feeder in my backyard. We hadn’t had too many show up this year and we weren’t sure why. So I decided to change the brand of food we were using to see if it helped. It didn’t take long, maybe a day. Once the birds realized the food was different there was a constant flow of humming birds to our feeder. 


I’m so glad a simple change in food worked. We all love watching these magnificent creatures (cats included) and I swear they like watching us as well. They will hover around watching us, as we watch them and are always just out of reach of the cats... just enough to tease the heck out of them!


Here's a couple shots from my iphone of the cats just the other day.

janine@lamontagnephotography.com (Janine Lamontagne Photography) Connecticut Humming Birds Nature Photography http://www.lamontagnephotography.com/blog/2014/8/hummingbirds Wed, 27 Aug 2014 17:18:42 GMT
Naugatuck State Forest http://www.lamontagnephotography.com/blog/2014/7/naugatuck-state-forest Naugatuck State Forest_FBNaugatuck State Forest_FB

Love the great things we can do with smartphones these days. I made this great panoramic with my iphone and was able to forgo having to lug my canon on the bike ride with my kids today.

We biked around this beautiful Oasis in my home town this morning! Can't wait to return with my kayak next!


janine@lamontagnephotography.com (Janine Lamontagne Photography) Panoramic hiking biking nature http://www.lamontagnephotography.com/blog/2014/7/naugatuck-state-forest Fri, 18 Jul 2014 19:20:19 GMT
Salads and Pizza http://www.lamontagnephotography.com/blog/2014/7/SaladsandPizza What's summer without a tasty and refreshing salad?

In fact, my husband and I are very excited to announce we finally got our kids to eat a salad for dinner last night! It's one for the record books. Not that my kids are terrible eaters and they have had side salads, but only bits and pieces and never as a whole meal. Barring those nasty little red things called tomatoes (I love tomatoes, it's the other 3 that despise them) the kids, 9 and 11 not only ate their salads but really enjoyed them. Oh, and they told me I should open up my own diner and serve salads!

So, in honor of my kids eating salads for dinner I am posting my latest food shoot for Zois' Pizza in Seymour, CT., which includes a delicious greek salad that I devoured once the shoot was over. If you have not made the time to go there for some greek style pizza, salad or a grinder, I urge you to go on your next pizza craving. I had mine yesterday while editing through all 7 different pizza's that I shot.

Zois' is a family owned restaurant, opened in 1970 with great people, great food and a great atmosphere... which you will most likely be seeing if you stay tuned for future blog posts.

Greek Salad Greek Salad Meatball GrinderMeatball Grinder Margarita PizzaMargarita Pizza with a Two Roads, Road 2 Ruin locally brewed beer.

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Fireworks http://www.lamontagnephotography.com/blog/2014/6/fireworks My family and I saw our first fireworks show of the season this past weekend. It's a tradition every year for us to head over to Branford, CT where my brother-in-law and his family have a cottage in a small private beach community. We hang out and play games all day and then watch the fireworks over the water at night. It's beautiful.

Having a new camera this year, I thought it was time shoot some fireworks again. It's been a few years since I shot this particular show and this is a great place to show something in the scene other than just fireworks in the sky. I felt a little rusty getting my settings where I wanted them and even then I kept changing them once the show was going on. One of the best things ever is the instant feedback of digital cameras. However, trusting the LCD is something I warn everyone to take caution with. Afterwards, as people were asking if I got any good shots, I didn't feel completely confident to say "Yes", but hoped I would  have a couple good images. 

Back at home a couple days later, I'm more pleased with the results then I was that night shooting them. Most of the fire works looked blown out and colorless on the LCD, but on my monitor I see some really great bursts of color. I haven't had time to edit through all the images yet, but the picture here was the last shot I took of the evening and it's my favorite. It was also just a "luck" shot.

The show was over and everyone was leaving, both people on the beach and the boats on the water. I was busy zooming out to capture the entire scene. If I decided to photoshop in some fireworks later on I wanted a nice clean sky to drop the bursts of color into. I set the shutter speed to 30 seconds, wanting to get enough light on the dock in the foreground and all the people and houses on the left. Just after I hit the shutter button this last batch of fireworks was launched into the sky! I remember now, saying to my husband, "I just got those last fireworks by accident, hopefully it looks good!". I then proceeded to pack up and leave like everyone else, not thinking much of it. 

So here it is! The last shot on my "roll". I love the left over smoke still lingering behind the houses and trees. A good sized boat is leaving a red and blue streak as it exits the cove and there's enough light to see the swim area and dock in the foreground. Not a bad night after all.

Happy 4th everyone!


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1940's Georgian Colonial http://www.lamontagnephotography.com/blog/2014/6/1940s-georgian-colonial It's so fun shooting these older, charming homes. There's always so much love and care to the homes that you can feel the history in them.

It took 2 days to shoot this beauty because on the scheduled shoot day, it was pouring like mad outside. Rainy and over-cast skies are great for interior shots, as you can see there is abundant greenery outside the windows. But my camera and I, had no desire to shoot outside that day. Luckily, day 2 was an absolutely beautiful spring morning and I was able to capture the magnificent architecture and gardens of this property.  1940's Georgian Colonial1940's Georgian Colonial

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Spring Baseball http://www.lamontagnephotography.com/blog/2014/6/spring-baseball Everyone who knows me and knows I'm a photographer by trade always expects me to have my camera with me at every event. Part of me feels the same way. Then there's the part that remembers all the times I missed something that happened somewhere else on the field, or became so engrossed in my composition and multiple exposures that I totally missed out on the hilarious story being told just 10 feet away from me at a party. I am not a wedding photographer, but I have shot a handful of small weddings, usually for a friend or family member. It's very rare for me to fully remember the ceremonies though because I'm so engrossed in making sure I get the shots. So when it comes to my kids, I now try to plan one or two days every sports season where I take my camera with me to a game and the rest of the season is left for me to just sit back, watch and enjoy. 

My son played baseball this spring, his first year in the minors. I was lucky on this particular day because he was able to play the two positions he really wanted to try and on top of that he managed to hit the ball at least once! I did miss his hit though... Urgh! As I was getting into position to get some shots of him swinging he decided to swing at the very first pitch and connected!  So I got him running down the first base line instead of actually hitting the ball.

In honor of my son in doing a great job this past season, including being a part of a team who managed to come in 2nd place in the championship, here is a very short slideshow of my favorite #7 SandGnat!

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Comfortable, Casual Dining http://www.lamontagnephotography.com/blog/2014/6/comfortable-casual-dining Sometimes all thats needed is a comfortable, casual atmosphere to hang out with friends or family. I had the opportunity to shoot a local restaurant thats exactly, that. Good food, good atmosphere and a good place for families and friends. Check out Spartans if you're in my area.


Bar and Booths for Dining Onion Bacon Cheeseburger with onion rings Casual Dining Area

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Gluten free ingredients http://www.lamontagnephotography.com/blog/2013/1/gluten-free-ingredients


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