Janine Lamontagne Photography | Clifden, Co. Galway

Traveled from Co. Meath to Co. Galway on friday. We stopped in Galway city and walked around Quay Street and did some shopping. Then headed to Clifden by driving by the Twelve Bens which are mountains in the Connemara National Park. They are very impressive and nothing like I've ever seen in the U.S.. Clifden is a quaint little village with a lot of history and were staying at the Abbyglen Castle Hotel. After our champagne toast and talk lastnigt we headed to dinner and then a long walk/hike. What else would you do at 8:30 at night, right? It doesnt get dark until 10:30 so why not! Its not a vacation until you have a little adventure time. We headed out per our champagne hosts directions. Look for a castle wall and turn left. Go through the gates and turn left. Dont take the short cut through the field as there is a bull in there... There was no mention of distance and so we walked and walked and every stone wall looked like it could be from a castle. We even stopped a swedish couple asking directions. They said there is a wall and its a nice walk! Not helpful but thanks! We finally found it and were able to explore a ruined castle by the harbor in complete solitude. It was well worth the walk and return time of 10:30 to our hotel.