Janine Lamontagne Photography | Co. Kerry - Day 2

Day 2 of County Kerry started off with a private horse and buggy ride through a small portion of the Killarney National Park. Raymond was the driver and Judy was our horse. She was great both in traffic around the city and then in the park, she stopped on a dime when Raymond saw I was going to take a picture. The weather was proving to be great and we headed towards the Ring of Kerry next. As you'll see the first few pictures show beautiful skies and aqua colored water. Then around a bend or two and about five minutes later we saw the fog. Not just little wispy fog, big thick, dark, dense fog. Cover the mountain fog. We never would have known there was a mountain or incredible views to see if PJ our driver didn't say how disappointed he was for us. As you'll see we saw some pretty views, but apparentally what we saw was nothing compared to what we didn't see. I was tempted to go into a photo gallery this morning in Killarney to see a local photographers work of the region and then thought maybe it wasn't a good idea. Instead looking at all the amazing pictures of things I can't capture as a tourist, I'll just stick to being happy with what I have. 😊
1 Morning views from our balcony at The Lake Hotel2 A snip-it of a rainbow to start off the day.3 Judy the horse taking us for a ride in Killarney National Park4 some deer in the park. They are all over since there are no predators.5 Strolling along with Judy6 One of the stops during our ride.7 Another view in the park8 Judy wanted a picture with us!9 Our ride ended at Ross Castle10 Climbing narrow stairs with no railing11 It's actually a little scary!12 Ross Castle13 First scenic views on the Ring of Kerry loop14 Selfie on the Ring of Kerry15 Ring of Kerry16 Ring of Kerry17 Us with PJ our driver18 Me shooting som pics!19 Charlie Chaplin spent a lot of time in Waterville, which is on the Ring of Kerry20 Notice the sky and water? They're not so blue anymore.