Janine Lamontagne Photography | County Meath

We met our driver PJ this morning and headed north to County Meath. here we visited some very ancient sites. some older then Stonehenge. the first two were passage tombs Newgrange and Knowth which are very large mounds with narrow passages underneath that were used as tombs and also corresponded with the solstices and equinoxes. The Hill of Tara which has very interesting history was less visibly interesting unless you can manage a birds eye view of the landscape. there are many mounds and ditches all purposely built for various ancient rituals. we're staying at a very nice hotel/gold resort with more amazing food. had a little fun with the fire alarm going off in the room and in our American way chose to rip the alarm off the ceiling before thinking we might want to exit the building. All was fine and someone else in the hotel hit the alarm by accident which caused the alarms to trigger. I managed to break our alarm which resulted in numerous visits from the manager before having it fixed! :) just making our presence known!