Janine Lamontagne Photography | Co. Kerry - Day 1
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Monday morning we left the Listowel Arms Hotel but still spent the day in Co. Kerry. We drove into some beautiful mountains and over Connor Pass, the highest mountain pass in Ireland. On the other side of the mountains we ended up in the fishing village, Dingle. There are more beautiful views driving along the peninsula coast line here as well. Although the wind was so intense at some points that it was nearly impossible to walk straight or see with my hair being whipped all over. On top of that the rain was pelting us only on the left side so when we finally gave up on our trek to the scenic overlook and returned to car we were soaking wet only on our left sides. When it takes two grown women to zip up one windbreaker in constant hurricane force winds a lot of laughter ensues. So I may have missed some nice shots, but we had fun!
At the end of the day we came to Killarney and our new hotel, The Lake Hotel. This is by far our favorite stay on this trip. A spacious, clean room with a balcony that over looks the most beautiful lake and mountains of Killarney National Park. Deer are constantly grazing on the waters edge, sheep are baa-ing on the other edge, ducks, heron, quietness, great food and breathtaking views. Love it!
1 We had breakfast all alone here. Not sure where evrperyine else was, but the Irish version of Mrs. Doubtfire served us!2 Sitting Room of the Listowel Arms Hotel3 Listowel Arms Hotel - Foyer4 Listowel Arms Hotel5 Mountains on the Connor Pass6 Connor Pass7 Connor Pass8 Two-way road on Connor Pass9 Connor Pass10 Connor Pass11 Connor Pass12 Another view of this two-way road13 The summit of Connor Pass14 Summit15 if you look hard enough you can see Dingle at the bottom!15 scenic drive in Dingle, Slea Head Loop17 Slea Head Loop18 Slea Head Loop19 Slea Head Loop20 Slea Head Loop and a shot I grabbed after abandoning our trek to a scenic overlook.

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